Shadowrun 5th.

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Action in the Barrens!!!

WHZN News Update: We’re there for you!
27 August, 2075 2135hrs PST
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Moments ago, in the desperate area known colloquially as The Barrens but better known to our subscribers as Redmond, Knight Errant Special Response and Tactics (SRT), led by decorated Detective Sergeant Tosh Athack, raided a suspected Tamanous front operating out of a supposed, unlicensed street clinic.
Using non-lethal force, the task force was able to clear the area, detaining several suspects and rescuing many victims, most before they suffered unspeakable horrors at the hands of the organized body thieves.
As seen from the footage linked here, several thousand nuyen worth of medical equipment, medicine and drugs were crated up and loaded into trucks headed to the property locker to be used in the case against the suspects.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Mary Proud, who sustained serious injury in the raid, and our thanks to our brave Knights doing their sworn duty to keep EVERY section of the Emerald City safe for all of meta-humanity.

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    Anon: Yeah, Tamanous, right. It was a local clinic that the SINless used regularly. Must’ve eaten too much into the profits of DocWagon.

Anon: No big deal. The Knights have to make their presence known every month or two, for appearance sake and to maintain adherence to their contract. They dont want to wind up like the star.

Update: 27 August, 2075 2215Hrs PST
Just moments ago, the truck that was carrying the seized evidence from the raid on the Tamanous facility was hijacked by four obviously enhanced Trolls. The GPS and GridGuide system on the truck was disabled and our Eye in The Sky fly-drone was jammed and disabled.
Anyone with any information on the hijacking is advised to contact your local precinct with details. A 500 nuyen reward is being offered for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of these criminals.

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Anon: 500 whole nuyen? Yeah, guess that they want these fraggers real bad, huh? /sarcasm

HumanAndProud: I think we need to round up all of these tuskers and remind them that we’re still in charge. Remember the Night of Rage? Time to stand up, my brothers and sisters!

Anon: Try saying that drek here, you Humanis scum. Come on down to the Blue Buffalo and spout that rhetoric anytime that you feel brave enough, smoothskin.


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