Shadowrun 5th.

The Technomancer's Prison

Strike on the Sanitorium


(This entry details the events of the last few games that took place over the past few months).
We have recently returned from an extremely freaky mission on the bequest of Herr Security to find his lost lady love and villain who absconded with his pension money. We had followed a rather long trail to a old building east of Seattle where we suspected the villain was being held by the Vori or perhaps some further insidious shadow organization whose name I dare not publish.

After retrieving the location using interrogation tactics on an Ork named AAA who apparently had been possessed by a spirit for over 3 years, we scouted the location which turned out to be a sanitorium. During the course of our reconnaissance, moving trucks were dispatched to the location to remove all evidence of whatever was happening in this accursed place. Techno Viking and Herr were able to intercept the moving vehicles playing good cop bad cop, and were able to assess that medical equipment consisted of the bulk of items being moved. There were no sensitive equipment or persons in the moving vehicles, so we proceeded to the location.

The guys were able to infiltrate the building thanks to the help of my spy drone which was able to scout ahead and relay back to the team any impending dangers. Methodically the guys made their way through the haunted house, encountering some rather terrifying scenes including catatonic humans that we suspect were being uses as hosts, and a possessed Phys Adapt elf that was being compelled to rip her face off. The guys also encountered ghosts, but I was never able to actually see any ghost activity, being mundane and seeing everything through the eyes of my drones.

After several strange encounters where I suspect Techno Viking used his magical powers to fight hostile ghosts, we found our way to a unassuming human man wearing a business suit behind protective glass. I am told that he was a summoner and a very worthy opponent, however he must have not anticipated a rigger among our group because my drone was able to shatter his protective glass and penetrate his defenses quickly. We managed to defeat the sorceror which immediately caused all the ghosts haunting the building to flee, freeing the possessed people.

We made it through most of the building before finally coming to a hermetically sealed room. Herr was the first to the door, and damning the consequences, opened it. In the center of the room was what appeared to be a man who exclaimed “I knew you would come for me!” then suddenly flew towards the Herr, seeming to absorb into his body. At this point, Herr fell to the ground unconscious. Techno Viking and I made sure to check his vitals, and despite the seeming magical malady that had overtaken the Herr, Techno could not see any sort of magical signature. We brought the Herr back to camp and are closely monitoring his vitals while he remains in this unconscious state, hoping that he will wake up soon. I have been researching what happened, but have yet to discover any leads, but I am reaching out to my most connected informants in hopes that something will turn up that will help us.

As for the people in the sanitorium, we informed Dr. Ork about their condition and he ensured they were given proper medical attention.

If anyone has any information that could help our friend please feel free to contact me via this blog. I will be sure to update you, dear readers, on his condition.

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Money earned: 20,000
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