Shadowrun 5th.

The Mystery of the Missing Money

and the invisible man who took it along with unrequited love

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Greeting Dear Readers:
We’ve recently taken a detour from our save-the-world mission to help out colleague, Herr Security, with an unresolved issue from his past. Herr Security was working for one of the big mega corps at one point 5 years ago, providing bodyguard services for an important client. He was double crossed by a cyber security agent known as the Invisible Man who was also employed with the mega corp, who then stole his pension after the client was killed. At the same time, Herr was deserted by his domestic partnership/romantic interest (this was really not made clear to me, in either case and was left pretty vauge) at the same time as his double cross by the Invisible Man. Jonny was able to dig up further information about the cyber security agent known as the Invisible Man, so we assembled as a team to help him track down this new lead. I was able to find out some information via Jackpoint pertaining to the Herr’s lady love which pointed back to the Vohore (Russian Mob). The Herr had met “Katyia” while rescuing her from what he claimed was a robbery attempt. The Herr had shot and killed both assailants and we were able to find this video, and scan the faces of both the assailants and the girl. After several weird twists and turns, we determined that the Invisible man was actually a technomancer named Geoffrey O’Donalds who may be living under the assumed identity of Demitry, one of Katyia’s assailants the night she and the Herr met. Further we were able to locate a secret grotto way out in the mountains east of Seattle, that had been purchased with a sum of money exactly equal to Herr’s stolen stipend. I was able to dispatch drone surveillance of the building, which proved to be a veritable haunted house with lots of really whacky magical energy surrounding it that seemed to make the Spell Slingers anxious about charging inside. We found out there are weekly deliveries of food sent by drone to the building, and we noticed several bodies moving around inside that indicated that the grotto was staffed. While there was no active signals or network in the area, I was able to intercept a garbled, coded signal with the words “Help me” repeated over and over again. Our current working theory is that The Invisible Man (aka Dimitri) is being held captive at the grotto, possibly against his will. Our next move will be to infiltrate the complex. We however will have to give the Herr some time to process the news that his lady love was a “Love Doll”, one of the cosmetically altered, reprogrammed sex workers the Vohore use as one of their revenue sources. Upon discovering this news, the Herr became very visibly upset (which emotion of any sort is kind of a big thing for this guy) and so now we are awaiting further word from him to move forward. I will be sure to update you, dear readers, as more information is made available. Till next time!

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