Shadowrun 5th.

Paging Dr. Benson

Chasing down more leads

Greetings dear Readers,
When I had last posted, I had only just then realized the full extent of which we had become entangled in what was at first supposed to be a simple smash and grab job. It turned out to be a lot more involved, dangerous, and further terrifying in the revelation that we had stumbled our way into something a lot bigger than any of us had initially thought. Since then it’s been a few weeks, and I’ve been able to better digest what we’ve gotten ourselves into. I’ve been chasing down leads in relation to the enigmatic Dr. Benson, whom we’ve been tasked with finding more information. My research has lead me to some pretty startling discovery that he was indeed connected to the Universal Brotherhood ( the shadow organization that was responsible for the Bug City Incident in former Chicago. I’ve managed to dig up some correspondence between Benson and the infamous Dr. Caitlin O’Connal, who initial theories into the “universal brotherhood” connection between all humans and metahumans was used to start the Universal Brotherhood. In the correspondence, Benson is seeking methods that he knows to work with mitigating background count and toxicity of magical places and inquiring from O’Connal as to if her posit of the “Brotherhood” energy could be used for such a purpose. By this point O’Connal was already starting to suffer from PTSD related to her husband’s suicide and therefore her replies aren’t much in the way of helpful in regards to Benson inquiries. His last correspondence with her occurred shortly before her own suicide and seems to indicate that the path of Benson’s explorations were very dangerous and implored him to stop his further inquiries into the research. Five years after this last correspondence was the Bug City Incident, which Benson was sent to investigate in hopes of remediating the environmental and magical damage to the area.
I am continuing to follow more leads, including that of his 4 graduate students who are considered to be dead or missing since before the lab in Ghoul Town was abandoned. One of the leads concerns grant money that was allocated to an offshore lab facility that was Benson’s last known location, somewhere in the Pacific. This is a particular lead I will need further time to look up and peruse.
In the meantime, we’ve been working on getting our shop running. I’ve ordered a new drone to run the actual shop that I’m going to have contact and try to automate. Besides that things have been quiet, almost eerily so. I will update as soon as I know more. Till next time dear readers.


Greetings Excertra,

I am have in my possession certain information and clues that could prove favorable in your search.

Run Silently,
Informative Reader

Paging Dr. Benson
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