Jimmy "Glitch" Bell

Mildly Autistic Hacker/"Detective" (OR not autistic? Hacker/Face)


For as long as he can remember, Jimmy has been able to “see” the Matrix. He still has vivid memories from his childhood of learning how to ask it to do things for him. One of the first things he learned how to do was find his favorite trids, often before most other people. His parents wouldn’t believe him when he would tell them that he had already seen it, until his predictions proved too accurate.

He learned to filter through the signals using hand gestures before he learned to talk. His parents took him to doctors and he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at a young age. While it turned out to be a mild case, and he retained significant functionality, his disorder has increased the challenge of his life.

As Jimmy grew older, he became more skilled with the Matrix. His parents remained willfully ignorant, dismissing the odd things that might have pointed to his true nature with various excuses. But at age thirteen, Jimmy began to unlock his true potential.

He began hacking in increasingly obvious ways, he began owning things that no one had paid for, and yet nothing was stolen. He even started delving into the EVO mainframe. At first, Jimmy was able to elude the Spiders and their IC. They couldn’t explain what was going on, and weren’t sure what they were looking for. Eventually, though, they caught up with him, revealing Jimmy for what he was. One of a special breed of terrifying . . . a Technomancer!

Luckily for Jimmy, his grandfather was an influential member of EVO’s elite, who managed to cover-up his grandson’s abilities, if not his crimes. Jimmy was convicted of hacking corporate assets and sentenced to three years in prison.

While in prison, Jimmy was befriended by some street gang members who wanted to use his apparent skills to “bust” them all out. They developed a plan and after only sixteen months of prison time, Jimmy, and his “buddies,” were released on good behavior, even though none had actually met with anyone, and a few of the gang members were released directly from The Box.

Jimmy ran with the gang for a few years, providing overwatch, hacking enemy electronics, earning the name “Glitch” and gaining an addiction to BTLs. On his seventeenth birthday, Jimmy’s dad didn’t come home after work. “No one” knows what happened and he his presumed dead.

During Jimmy’s twentieth year violence escalated with The Hang Bangers, a rival go-gang. The Hang Bangers (HBs), so named for their fetish with auto-erotic asphyxiation, ambushed Glitch’s gang. A rigger for The HBs proved to be more than they could handle and most of his gang was wiped out. Glitch managed to get away, but a few of his remaining “friends” blamed him for the failure and beat him to a bloody pulp and left him for dead. In the moment before he lost consciousness, Glitch sent his friend Turtle, a courier sprite, to get help. Turtle found Jimmy’s mom, already worried about him since he had missed his routine communication to her, and guided her to Jimmy just in time.

During his physical recovery, Jimmy’s mom discovered his severe BTL addiction and got him into rehab as well. After a year of recovery, and two more years of sober living, Glitch was getting restless. He got in contact with one of the friendlier members of his old gang and started running in a gang again. Of course this brought him back to using BTLs again, and he especially got into Personafix BTLs, in particular James Bond, as he has seen every bond movie in the franchise (even the old ones).

This new gang treated Glitch significantly better than the previous one, keeping him further from the action and guarded while he was in VR. Glitch was taught how to disguise himself, and often made himself out to be a passed-out-drunk homeless man. He ran with this gang about three years which ended when one of the other members fucked up tremendously during one of their “activities.” Glitch was able to minimize the impact, but most of the gang still got pinched, though Glitch and a couple others managed to escape.

Glitch decided gangs weren’t for him anymore and got out.

Now 27, Glitch is getting restless and wants something more exciting to do. Luckily, he just received an encoded message recently…

Jimmy "Glitch" Bell

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