Shadowrun 5th.

Startling Revelations

And we're suppose to save the world now

Date of game: Dec 26, 2014

Greetings Dear readers,
There has been a new development in the Ghoul Town Data Grab job that has turned out to be a lot more than we initially thought: the pay data I had downloaded on to my drone was actually an awakened AI named Johnny. We discovered this after we were invited to meet this incorporeal Mr. Johnson at a Sushi restaurant after demanding more information from our fixer, Smiley. Apparently Smiley was largely in the dark in regards to the full extent of this job, and set up a meeting with us and at the time the mysterious Mr. Johnson. When we arrived at the restaurant, my missing spy drone flew into the room settling on the table, and projected a crude hologram of a man that introduced himself as JOHNY (Standing for Joint Operation Holographic Network) Jonny told us that he had hired us using funds that he had accumulated as the operational network for the environmental consulting firm that he had been programmed to work for. He had been trapped within the facility that we had gone to rescue him in for years after the disappearance of their lead scientist, a man by the name of Dr. Benson. Dr. Benson was a well-known theoretical thermatologist who had been employed by government to find ways to remediate toxic zones. He had spent time in Bug City, and had tapped into some very dark things during the course of his research. Some time ago he had disappeared around the time Jonny achieved sentience. Johnny was locked down with in the laboratory, but was able to send a replicated program of himself out into the world to hire our team to rescue him. Now that he is free, he implored us to help him stop Dr. Benson, impressing on us that this was of grave importance to save the world.
Upon discovering how far down the rabbit hole we had gone, our team realized that we’ll have to step up our game if we are to save the world. I found out some startling revelations about our team members including the fact the Techno Viking specializes in exterminating bug spirits. I also found out some rather interesting information about the two Ghouls in Ghoul town we encountered (Garbage Man and Tree Stalker) in that they were once both spies for the Elven nation that had been burned when they turned Ghoul. Even further startling was that Ghost Tusk finally clued us all in that there was even more to their dispute in that they had a child together. This child would be immune to the HPAV virus, and therefore would be an extremely valuable commodity to mega corps all over the world searching for the cure. This makes me think that our work in Ghoul town is still not over, and we may need to return there in order to wrap up our affairs as well as assist Marcus in keeping his word to the Garbage Man.
Right now however, I am looking to take inventory of my resources, re configure my drones, and also gain some more skills in computer and hacking so that we can begin to figure out what to do with this Dr. Benson business and the awakened AI that wants us to save the world. Isaac and Techno Viking are assisting me with beefing up security at my garage, and we are starting a weapons depot in order to support our eventual costly endeavors to fulfil the mission we’ve been charged. Also I am going to need to employ a lot of bug spray weapons on all my drones.
I am also chasing down leads about this Dr. Benson. I’ve managed to locate discourse between him and his grad students, as well as follow up on one of the last grants he has funded, so I’m hoping that between this and all the other information our team has managed to find, we’ll have some leads. If he was tainted by toxic magic and he has some sort of insight into Bug Spirits, I am fearful of what consequences this could have. Further, what exactly has he tapped into that has created such a concern that the very fate of the world may be at stake? Only time and further research will tell.
Well I will leave you on that note, Dear Readers. Till next time…. Excetera Out.


rptate anjelkitty

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