Shadowrun 5th.

Reconvening the old team

We have unfinished business to address

Hello Dear readers,
It has been a few weeks since our last mission to retrieve pay data from secret lab of horrors in the middle of Ghoul town. Since then, I’ve been busy trying to repair my shop from all the damage caused by the attack, using some of the money we earned from the mission to do some important security up grades. The other members of our rag tag group since then have stayed in touch, and I think we are starting to see the formation of an actual team. Plus I think that each of us feels there is something still left undone, as though we have yet to see the real end to this whole mission. I tried to do some more digging into to the origin of the Lab of Horrors but haven’t come up with anything substantial enough to write home about. The idea that a new breed of bug spirits in the form of polluted crab spirits living in Seattle still keeps me up at night, but I hesitate to raise any alarms just yet because I don’t want that kind of heat on me and my team.
I also tried to track down the whereabouts of my Spy Drone that went missing after the mission with little success. I’m still perplexed as to why it totally went rouge and still managed to deliver our pay data to the Mr. Johnson. I tried to interrogate Smiley about it but he just reverted to his Faux Jamaican accent and feigned complete ignorance and told me “Don’t worry about it Mama, you got your money.”
But I am worrying about it. I can’t just let go what I saw, and the fact that some sort of unknown force took over my drone has me all but ready to march back down to the lab and find out more about whats going on. However I’m not ready to do that because, for one I don’t want to face those crab creatures again, for another, I have no idea who came out victorious in the Ghoul Street war that erupted as we were escaping the compound. If Tree Stalker managed to come out on top, I can see her being less than hospitable towards us trying to come back to her turf to further investigate my fears.
I did receive a replacement drone, from what I suspect was Smiley. I’ve started retrofitting it and putting some new gear on my other drones to make them a little more useful in future missions. So for now I guess we just wait, and see if anything further comes of this whole ordeal. At least I’ve managed to make some friends along the way.
I’ll keep you updated as to if I find out anything else, dear readers. Till then…


rptate anjelkitty

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