Shadowrun 5th.

Mission Accomplished?

The pay data stole my spy drone

Players this game:

Dear Readers,
I am writing to you from the safety of the TSV, having just now barely manage to make it out of Ghoul town intact. When we had reached the outside of the compound, we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of some Ghoul Street War. Dodging arrows and bullets, and trying to subdue some of the Ghouls from taking the moment of chaos to make a meal out of one of us, we fought our way to through the throng and loaded up into the TSV, driving out of the war zone as fast as I could handle. We found out that Issac, the German Security guy is actually really great at tactical planning and when issuing orders, we all seem to do a lot better in stressful battle situations. We still are not quite sure what Ghost Tusk actually does, though Lucy Guns had ever more crazy bullets that he aptly employed in the ground battle against the Ghouls. As we were leaving, we spotted a monstrous creature that was lumbering towards us through the throng of bullets and mayhem; a creature with one eye and a bifurcated jaw that seemed like it may have been another gruesome experiment produced in this lab of horrors. Not wanting to stick around long enough to find out what this creature was, we peeled out of Ghoul town and headed back towards the rendezvous point to meet up with our fixer and find out exactly what the hell he was thinking about sending on us on this job.
When I went to check the pay data however, I was dismayed to find that the hard drive was completely empty. Horrified, I looked around nervously as I told the team that I had somehow managed to delete all our pay data, when suddenly our fixer called in to say that he received the pay data and we had all been paid. This was of course a shock to all of us considering I had just realized all pay data had been deleted from the hard drive. I also realized that I had lost access to the spy drone that I had downloaded all the data into and sent back to the TSV. I am not sure what happened to my spy drone, but I intend to find out when we meet back up with our fixer.

Next session: What the frag happened to Excetera ’s spy drone, and other questions to ask Smiley.

Karma earned this game: 7
Money earned: 33k New Yen each


rptate anjelkitty

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