Shadowrun 5th.

Infiltrating Ghoul Town

Finally running the mission

Players this game:

The party was finishing their preparations to go on their mission to Ghoul town, when Harper received a call from Smiley that he had another runner to help them with their run. The party agreed to meet up with them, and piled into Excetera’s Totally Sweet Van and headed to the appointed location to meet the new team member. As they drove up they spotted a tall Viking looking guy wielding guns and a hammer, and knew that must be the guy they were looking for. Marcus knew immediately he was among friends when he noticed that on the side of Excetera’s Totally Sweet Van was the Three Wolf Moon Logo. They made a few other stops to pick up the last of the equipment they would need for the run, and headed to the location in Ghoul town.
They pulled up to the road close to the building and started to make the block when suddenly gun torrents on the roof popped out and started shooting at the van. Excetera was able to maneuver around with minimal damage and they made their way to the other entrance of the building connected to the one they were trying to infiltrate. Issac and Marcus then got out and proceeded to scope out the area looking for an entrance when a few curious ghouls started to approach the van. One of the Ghouls tried to attack Marcus, but was quickly blown to pieces with Marus’ mojo. Issac, Ghosttusk and Lucifer were about to start taking out the rest of the Ghouls, when suddenly a Ghoul with gold teeth ran up and cried out for them to stop shooting. He introduced himself as the “Garbage Man” and claimed to be the leader of the Ghouls in the area. He seemed to be willing to make a deal with the runners. He would remove all Ghoul threats from the team if they would “go talk to” Tree Stalker, who Garbage Man claimed was his former lover who had turned sour and was now in a war for Ghoul town wit him. He asked for the Shadowrunners’ help in displacing her and in return he’d help them break into the building. Marcus pledged to help him, however Lucifer was very suspicious of him and kept wanting to shoot him in the head. Garbage Man pledged one of his Ghouls to go down with them into the building and retrieve the pay data. The team agreed to help him and made their way into the building.
Once they were close in the underground tunnels to the facility they were trying to infiltrate the encountered these strange hulking crab creatures trying to escape the building. The team was able to take out the crab creatures, but like the commandos, once they were shot down, they turned into goo. After taking out around 3 of the creatures, the party was found themselves in a lab where there seemed to be an automated production of the crab creatures. Excetera set to work downloading the data into one of her drones and had just finished acquiring the data when suddenly sirens started to sound and lights blacked out. This is where we ended the game.

Karma earned this game: 3
Total Karma for the group: 9

Next game: trying to get out of the building before we can’t leave


What’s the total group karma for?
Is it just keeping track for people who’ve been to every game?

Infiltrating Ghoul Town
rptate anjelkitty

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