Shadowrun 5th.

Getting out with the Pay Data

Can we escape in time?

Excertra here. I am uploading this missive to my drone so that in the event I don’t make it out, there is a record of where we are for backup and rescue purposes. We have infiltrated the facility in Ghoul Town and have made a shocking discovery: There seems to be a automated lab that produces these deformed, terrifying bio-automaton crab creatures. We observed no staff running the lab, only machines that seem to be printing these strange creatures that then roam the facility and attack anyone who tries to enter. We were escorted down here by a Ghoul in the employ of the Garbage Man, who agreed to aid us in our endeavor provided we help him with a domestic issue with another resident Ghoul overlord of the area. While the Ghoul sent with us has not especially been helpful, it has been easier to get into the compound with out Ghoul interference. The crab creatures are apparently unknown to the Ghouls, though they are sensitive to the background count of the area.
I have just now downloaded the pay data that we were sent to retrieve from this secret lab facility when all of a sudden, sirens and emergency lights have activated. I am going to store this data along with this message with the specifics of our location into my spy drone and send it back to the TSV (Totally Sweet Van) in the event we are not able to make it back out. Send help to Spectre immediately and tell her to trust the Garbage Man, and rescue us. I pray to the Great Spirit this does not come to pass and we are able to make it out of here alive, but for all intensive purposes, the world needs to know about this perverted and profane experiment that is being conducted down here. I will update once I am back to safety, or else…
Execetra out.


rptate anjelkitty

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