Shadowrun 5th.

Fighting our way back to the top

The building has a nasty case of crabs

Players this game:


Excetera here,
We’ve managed to make it to the upper levels of the building. This pay data has become a lot more involved to recover than we could have anticipated.

We have been fighting dozens of these manufactured mutated crab automatons as we make our way to the upper layers of the building. I have the physical hard drive as per the job description, but removing it initiated a complete shutdown of the building. Luckily my Drone had safety lights and we were able to pick our way through the corridors of the building.

The TechnoViking has discovered through astral perception combat that these automatons are some sort of freakish combination of Voodoo and Bug Spirits in a configuration he has never known before. He’s pretty intense about it so I am likely to believe him, though I’m still not really sure about the magical aspects to this place.

Speaking of Magic, we totally randomly bumped into Spectre. She was apparently wandering around the building looking for her lost spirit that had apparently been trapped down here the night before.

I had sent my spy drone to the TSV, so at least we have a backup of the data, and can remain there until we return. The Ghoul that was sent down here was separated from us and will likely have informed his Boss (Pimp) of our situation.

I am trying to keep focused on the mission as we are still not safely back at the TSV, but my mind is boggling with what we have found in this underground lab facility. Bug Spirits accounted for the complete obliteration of Chicago or at least the justification for nuking it, and if they are somehow nesting in Seattle, this could be bad. The revelation that some how toxic shaman voodoo may be involved in some novel and twisted way is also an anxiety inducing notion. I’m hoping when we reconvene with the Mr. Johnson for this mission, they can illuminate us as to what the frag is going on here.

Till then, Excetera out.


rptate anjelkitty

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