Defult Fixer



  • Fixer*
    Uses: Jobs and cred, information, gear, additional
    Places to Meet: Local bars or clubs, coffee shops,
    street corners where surveillance is next to impossible
    Similar Contacts: Fence, loan shark, Mr. Johnson



If you know nobody else, make the acquaintance of a
fixer. They are the center of the shadowrunning universe,
and they know everyone you might need to know. Find
one, get on his good side, and you’ll have a shot at prospering
in the shadows. He can get you anything you need
… for a price. After all, nothing’s free in the shadows.
Fixers are only as good as their connections, which
they go to great lengths to cultivate. They’re a one-man
combination of employment agency, procurement firm,
and fence. They make their living on whom and what
they know, and by how well they can make deals between
interested parties looking to buy or sell goods
and services. A shadowrunner has something hot that he
needs to unload pronto? The fixer’s the man he needs to
see. Mr. Johnson needs a team to extract someone from
a competitor’s compound? The fixer’s the man who sets up the meeting. A team needs a specialist to pull off a
tricky run? You guessed it; the fixer knows who to call.
These kinds of services don’t come cheap, however.
A fixer takes a percentage from every transaction, and
the better he is, the bigger that cut is going to be. Once
you’ve found a quality fixer, stay on his good side. You
might get a discount if he likes you, and even better, you
might get another job without having to relocate to another
city and start all over again.


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